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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Last night's session with the teens was kind of unsettling (for lack of the right word). I did a lesson on honoring your parents and it went real well with lots of participation and discussion. What was interesting was seeing that among the small group that was there....and they are all what you'd call good solid Christian kids....how little honor they show their parents and how accepting they are of that behavior. They think nothing of speaking to their parents in a Bart Simpson "eat my shorts" manner. My own son is included in the group. It has me wondering what the answer is? I know all the parents and they (me, too) raise their children well so why is this attitude so pervasive? Speaking personally, when I try to talk to my son about why it isn't right to say certain things to me....he just doesn't seem to get what's wrong with it. Is it society as a whole that has convinced our children it is okay to be disrespectful because we parents are old and have no clue? I felt the same way about my parents and I'm sure most teens do, but I would never, ever have voiced my thoughts. I would have "honored" my parents just because they were my parents. It seems to be the same with anyone of my generation that I talk to. What happened? What is missing even in our church families??

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Whoooohoooo! I'm finally a "real" bus driver. Today I drove with kids on the bus and no supervisor riding along watching my every move.

Less exciting....I'm still coughing like crazy. I've sucked so many cough drops I have no sense of taste. The buds have laid down and died.

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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Ugh. What a week it's been. Matt was home sick all week. I got sick on Thursday and have been miserable ever since, but I had to go in to learn bus routes anyway. They have soooo many drivers out now for various reasons that I didn't want to start out calling in sick my first week. I took all the meds I could manage, stuffed my purse with cough drops and took along a bag to put my lung in after I coughed it up. Well, maybe I'm kidding about the bag...but not by much. Anyway, I had to cut myself a break somewhere so backed out of the 30 Hour Famine. I never would have made it through an all nighter. I also passed on helping with the spaghetti dinner today. They are really short-handed, but I'm sure those eating will appreciate me keeping my germs at home. Besides.....I probably gave to their kids all week anyway.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

We survived the big "Presidents' Day Storm" with less snow that a lot of surrounding areas. Only about a foot for us while in the mountains just to our south they got between 2-3 feet. It was still enough to cancel school....which was supposed to have been a snow make-up day to begin with. Tim was home, too, much to his dismay. He hates to miss work but they called and told him to stay home because everyone else had called off.

Two more inches of snow this morning and a 2-hour delay. Matt stayed home with what was confirmed as a virus following a trip to see the doctor. He has a sore throat so I wanted to be sure he didn't have strep. Nothing to do for him but keep dosing him with ibuprofen, have him gargle with salt water and let him sleep till he feels better. He's doing pretty good at the sleeping. I've seen him just once in the last 8 hours.

The bus company wanted me to ride along in the morning to learn a route. I don't have the paper back from them that I need to be able to put my daughter on another bus. I'm going to go get it in the morning and hope I can have things arranged so that I can go in the afternoon. The guy I talked to wasn't happy, but there isn't anything I can do about it. What a way to start.

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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Saw the doctor to set up my out-patient surgery this week. It was pretty routine...just a physical and getting my health history. I'm scheduled for April 2. They will call the day before to let me know the time.

Had to get on the scale as part of the physical. Ugh. Ok, I'm motivated to shake off the winter blahs (and they've been bad this year) and get my dupa in gear. It's too stinking cold to do anything outside, so I'm going to rearrange the bedroom today so I can get the exercise bike back in from the shed. I also signed myself up with an accountability group on a women's forum I go to. Then I have to work on forcing myself to down some water...I loathe the stuff.

I had a great session with the teens last night. With everyone's mind on what is happening in the world the topic of God's Word enduring forever and being able to trust in His promises was a good one. They were very into it and we had an awesome discussion time...didn't even get through half the material I had prepared. I needed a night like that. I've been feeling kind of discouraged lately.

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Monday, February 10, 2003

I spent most of today at home. A most welcome state of affairs after being at the church from 8:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. yesterday. I thought the kids might be home with me because of all the snow we've had but they didn't even have a delay. The meeting we were supposed to attend tonight was canceled because the roads got rather bad after the sun went down.

My friend asked me to give my testimony this Saturday at our coffee house. I think I kind of knew it was coming....not from anything she's said or done, but because something (or rather Someone) has had me thinking about what I'd say if I were asked. I've decided to focus on what God's been doing in my life the last couple of years and about how I've learned to follow the call even when I don't want to or feel like I'm the completely wrong person for the job.....which is usually the case. LOL But you know, once I get past the fear and let God do what He wants, I'm never sorry. My life these last few years has taken me beyond anything I could have imagined and I'd never want to go back.

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Thursday, February 06, 2003

This is my first time posting this week as I've been so busy. I've been driving every day, practicing my skills and learning all that a good bus driver needs to know. So, it is with great pleasure that I announce.....I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST TODAY!!! I am sooooo glad that is over. Tests freak me out. I can't say I passed with flying colors because I got nervous and made a few small mistakes (that I am kicking myself for), but I did pass so I am happy. I will probably start learning routes next week (an activity I get paid for!) and as soon as my new license and bus card arrive I can start filling in and driving trips. There is only one person ahead of me wanting the same school district I do, so it is possible that I will have a route of my own in the not too distant future. That would be awesome. Now I just have to make arrangements with the school for Megan the days I drive. They used to have a thing called an "as needed" pass for kids to ride other buses. I'm hoping they still do as I won't have any idea for a while when I'll be driving.

The other big consumer of time this week was Megan's science fair project...something required of all fifth graders. Ugh. She loved building the model with Tim and did a wonderful job with hammer, nails and glue, but when it came to doing the research and writing the report with me..... Well, it was not fun. I'd rather have teeth filled without novacaine than do that again. But, it's done and it looks pretty good. We dropped it off at the school last night and the judging goes on in school today. Tonight we can go and look at all the exhibits and see how she did. We saw some of the other entries when we dropped it off. Hers wasn't the best looking, but not the worst either. It gets my goat that you know no 10-yr-old kid did some of those projects unless the school is overly populated with prodigies....and I don't think it is. On the flip side, there were a lot that were thrown together at the last minute with no adult help at all...and they look like it. I feel bad for those kids as this project is a MAJOR part of their grade this semester.

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